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Registration Fee: There is a registration fee of $30 for 1st dancer and $50 for family,  this is nonrefundable. Half a month tuition (for the month of August) is also due at the time of registration.

Tuition: Our season runs from August to June. The tuition rate is for the entire season; It is not based on the number of classes during a month, but on the entire duration of our season.

Refunds are not given for missed classes; however, we do offer make up classes.

14-day written notice is required to withdraw from Center Stage Dance Company.

Tuition for ONE Student per Month

One (50 min) class a month - $50 

Two (50 min) classes a month - $75

Three (50 min) classes a month - $100

Four (50 min) classes a month - $125

Five (50 min) classes a month - $150

Multi Student Discount is 10%

*Tiny Twirler classes (ages 1-3) are only a 30 minute class and $35 a month

*Tiny Cloggers are also a 30 minute class and can be added as a 2nd class for $25 a month

Competition monthly tuition will be handed out at the competition team meeting that will be held at a later date.


Fee Schedule

Registration Fee - $30 per child or $50 per family

August 21st-25th – Showcase Costume Deposit - $40.00

October 2nd-6th – Remaining balance for Showcase Costume - $40.00

January 8th-12th – Recital Costume Deposit - $100.00

March 4th-8th– Remaining balance for Recital Costumes - $125.00 

*All listed fees are in addition to each dancer’s monthly tuition.


  • All dancers are charged a $30 registration fee or $50 for family.

  • You will receive a statement around the 1st of each month to let you know what your charges are for that month. The card you have on file will be charged on the 11th of each month. Should you not want the card to be billed you may bring in other options of payment up until the 10th whether that is a check or cash. You are also allowed to sign into your account and make a payment through the parent portal at any time as well. You will not receive an August statement due to registration monthly statements will begin in September.

  • Tuition is due regardless of student absence or missed classes.

  • Our monthly tuition is based on the amount of classes from the August start thru June. Tuition is not determined by the number of classes in a particular month. While some classes might not have as many as another day due to holidays or closings that are other months in which a dancer might have 5 classes in a month.

  •  If your dancer starts mid year or mid month that month is prorated as well.

  • Tuition is not prorated for absences, inclement weather days, or holidays.

  • Classes must have at least (8) dancers enrolled, or the class will be cancelled.

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